Our recommended energy saving products

The best way to ensure that you’re minimising your household energy consumption and carbon emissions is to use energy saving products such as energy saving light bulbs.

At Athena, we are passionate about the environment, so we’ve teamed up with our friends at Nigel’s Eco Store Nigel’s Eco Store which is positively brimming with products to help you reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions. Here are our recommended products.

    Wattson Energy Meter

    Showing energy use in both numbers and colours, Wattson is a super stylish energy monitor that shows you how much electricity your home is using at any given moment - in real time. The display shows energy usage in carbon, Watts and cost per year. We love this so much that you get it for free when Athena Electrical install your solar pv system!

    OWL Micro+ Energy Monitor

    An economic option to monitor home energy usage. Compare your energy usage with the previous day, week or month, as well as viewing your current and total usage in terms of electricity, money and carbon. Set yourself targets for daily consumption, and if you go over, an alarm will alert you so you can turn off some appliances to get your usage down. The OWL Micro+ energy monitor is ideal if you are on the Economy 7 or a block tariff, and even if you are not, will help you reduce your energy usage, and save money on your bills.

    Mobile Phone Enviroplug

    We've all done it. Left a mobile phone plugged in and charging, and left it there, for long after it's actually fully charged. Like overnight... and perhaps the kids do it too. L eaving a charger plugged in like this wastes a fair bit of energy and money - you can save though with this clever Mobile Phone Energy Saving Adapter.

    7W LED GU10 Spotlight Bulb

    The perfect replacement for those energy-hungry recessed lights – reducing energy costs by 85%. An energy saving replacement for a halogen bulb, this Ledon LED spotlight bulb is equivalent to 50 watts, but uses only 7 watts and lasts for 25 years. Just install it, and forget about it. With a warm, bright light that comes on at full brightness straight away, this LED spotlight bulb is idea for directional lighting with up to 85% energy saving.

    Plumen Designer Energy Saving Light Bulb 11W

    For a minimal look. Plumen is a new kind of energy saving light bulb. It's an 11W CFL bulb with all of the benefits of energy saving light bulbs, but the eye-catching design is what makes it really special; a functional bulb that looks simply wonderful. Not only a bulb, but a decorative light feature in its own right, there's no need to cover the Plumen with a lamp shade (but with the right shade it can also look stunning). The shape of the glass tubing harks back to the original incandescent bulb filament, and gives a warm white light. A great eco design feature. Comes in bayonet cap fitting.

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