Here are some answers to a few questions about Solar PV Monitoring and Efficiency which you may find of interest.

    Aren’t PV systems are maintenance free?

    Indeed, Solar PV Systems have no moving parts so they require very little maintenance and can have a life of over 40 years. However they are not completely maintenance free especially in heavily polluted locations like London. The external face of a PV panel is made of toughened self-cleaning glass. UV light breaks up any dirt and the rain usually washes it away. Under optimum conditions Solar PV systems are “fit-and-forget” energy systems because they are durable and fitted on non-corrosive railing systems. The frequency of cleaning required will depend on the angle/inclination of the modules and environmental stresses like bird soiling, tree pollen and leaves, industrial dusts and similar.

    Why is my PV system not performing as well as I was promised?

    There are many reasons why a PV system might not perform as well as it could, but if the output prediction of your installer varies greatly from your readings, you should consider booking a Solar System Analysis Check through our maintenance service, which includes a performance assessment.

    I get a nice steady flow of electricity from my PV system, but still have to import a lot from the grid. Are there other ways of reducing our bills even further?

    That’s the spirit! Saving even more money on energy bills also means reducing your CO2 footprint. You might want to consider having an energy assessment carried out by our trained staff. This will provide you with a list of energy saving options from light bulbs changing and white goods check to boiler efficiency assessment.


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