Solar PV – step by step

Site survey, planning and design – after which we will provide you with a rough
estimate to consider along with all the information needed to help you with your decision. This stage will take a few weeks, after which you can withdraw, should you decide the installation is not appropriate.

Installation – A period of 2-3 days, which comprises of 3 main pieces of equipment.
  • The Solar PV panels
  • An inverter – This is a box that coverts the electricity from your roof into AC electricity
  • A generation meter and an optional wireless display unit – So you can monitor how much electricity you’re generating from a convenient location in your house.

Once connected to the grid you’re all set. During the day the PV cells will be converting
the sunlight into DC (Direct Current) electricity.

The AC electricity then goes to the main distribution board, where it will be used to power appliances, lights etc in the building.

As your MCS installers we will register your Solar PV system.

Enjoy free clean electricity


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