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Athena Electrical can help set up a remote monitoring system. We will be able to log in and access the generation data stored in the on-site inverter from our office, enabling us to spot problems or notice if the system is underperforming and notify you so that any problems can be promptly rectified.

Monitoring your solar system remotely is ideal for landlords or investors who might not have access to their own systems.

You will also be able to see exactly how much green energy your system is producing and the level of income you are receiving.

Why would you want to monitor your systems performance?

To ensure optimum output performance is maintained
To receive the anticipated return from the investment
To increase life expectancy of the system
To benefit from the technical expertise of our solar experts
To receive regular updates on new environmental technologies
Peace of mind

How does Solar PV performance monitoring work?

By regular checks of the output figures
By collecting and recording data over long periods
By comparing output with expected performance figures
By observation of environmental conditions affecting solar electricity output

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