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With many successful Solar PV installations under our belt, we not only have an in depth understanding of the equipment and technologies involved, but also the maintenance and monitoring needed to keep a solar generating system running at its optimum level.

Although Solar PV installations are incredibly durable and require very little maintenance work, they still need to be checked and monitored to ensure they are optimising their potential and therefore giving you a suitable return on your investment.

For the this reason we offer a number of different monitoring and maintenance packages, as well as the ability to monitor your solar installation remotely.

The Benefits to Social Housing

The installation of Solar PV for Social Housing can have a hugely positive impact for both tenants and those responsible for the building maintenance and up keep by reducing energy costs. Although the installation of a Solar PV system is unlikely to provide renewable energy for an entire building, it can certainly maintain lighting in communal areas like staircases and corridors, thus reducing costs across the board.

The Energy Act of 2011 was passed to help reduce carbon emissions cost effectively, reduce fuel poverty and improve homes. If you are a social housing landlord and would like to improve the energy efficiency of your buildings and reduce power consumption, then we are happy to advise you on the best ways you can achieve this.


The Benefits to Private Landlords

Private landlords can benefit from the installation Solar PV and the government FiT scheme by receiving a 20 year tax free income stream, as well as the added benefits of reduced energy bills.

Your tenants can enjoy reduced electricity bills, and you can easily monitor and assess your savings and income remotely without any need to physically visit the property or involvement from the tenants.


The Benefits to Major Contractors

If you are a contractor looking for a reliable and accredited installer of PV solar panels as part of a project, then we would be delighted to discuss the possibility of working together.

We have recently worked with a National Contractor to help deliver a series of energy efficiency measures for a provider of social housing.

The measures included externally cladding several blocks of flats with insulation and installing Solar PV generating systems, which will improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

We have a strategic partner arrangement with a number of Contractors to help them deliver effective solar generation systems for corporate and social housing clients.

In 2012, a number of Solar PV installers ceased trading and Athena Electrical has been providing a trouble-shooting service for solar system owners where remote monitoring systems indicated that PV systems were not generating as anticipated.


The Benefits to Home Owners

Whether you’ve had your Solar PV panels installed by Athena Electrical, or another contractor, you will have the peace of mind that your system is working to its optimum efficiency and reducing both your carbon output and fuel bills, giving you the maximum return on your investment.


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