To help you decide whether you’d like to start lowering your electricity bills, whilst earning money and creating
a sustainable future, we have tried to answer as many questions as we can below.
To make things easier they come under three headings:

Pre Installation
Post Installation

What kind of savings can I expect?

A 2.2 kWp solar electricity system will typically produce:
1,880kWh electricity per year
Assuming that you can use 40% generated and you will pay 0.28p/kWh to electricity supplier and your SEG payment is 5p/kWh you export, you will save £210 per year reduction in electricity bills £56 per year from export tariff Total saving and income of £266 per year

Do Solar PV panels work when it’s cloudy?

Yes. Solar electricity systems don’t actually require direct sunlight and work perfectly well on cloudy days.

How long will the panels last?

Our panels come with a power output guarantee of 90% or more for 10 years and 80% or more for 25 years. If in the unlikely event that you feel that your solar PV panels are not working to capacity, we will ascertain what the problem is and rectify it immediately.

Will I need to maintain my panels?

Solar PV panels do not require maint enance. There are no moving parts that could break or need replacing. Most panels come with a 10 year material and workmanship warranty, and in the unlikely event that you are concerned that there is a problem; we will visit to identify the fault, and if appropriate, correct at no extra charge to you for a period of two years from completion of the installation.

What if they break?

Although they look fragile, solar panels are incredibly robust. If you consider that they were initially developed for use in space, they have to be incredibly hardy. Also, as they are permanently exposed to the elements, solar panels are encased inside toughened glass and lined with weatherproof resistant polymer.

How do I switch between my solar generated electricity and that from my supplier?

You don’t have to switch anything. It’s all completely automatic. The electricity you produce through your PV panels will be consumed first, and if more electricity is required then this will automatically feed in from your supplier. You will not notice any change to your supply, and if you produce excess electricity then it will automatically be exported back to the grid .

Will the Solar PV panels still work if it snows?

Yes. Depending on the amount of snow, light can still filter through and because the panels will heat up, they’ll melt the snow anyway. A covering of frost would be exactly the same.

Can you guarantee how my solar panels will perform over 25 years?

All accredited manufacturers guarantee performance of Solar PV panels (output) to be 90% or over for up to 10 years and 80% or more for up to 25 years. The index linked and tax free financial guarantee is designed to off-set any reduction in Solar PV performance as the money you receive will increase with inflation, year-on-year.


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