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The Benefits Of An Electric Vehicle

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In our last blog post we mentioned the electric car rental scheme that will be unveiled in London next year, and the grants available for people interested in installing their own off street parking Charging Points.

Keeping on the Electric Vehicle (EV) theme, there is a much anticipated uptake of EV usage in the next few years, and as a company that pride ourselves on our eco-principles, Athena Electrical have been leasing a pure electric car for the last six months, which you can see above.

So what are the benefits? Well, aside from producing zero emissions, which benefits everyone, the cost of driving an EV is about six times cheaper than a petrol or diesel car. The cost to fully charge an EV is between £2 and £3, allowing you to drive up to 120 miles. If you have solar panels on your home you can use your FREE solar generated electricity to reduce your charging costs further.

If that’s not enough to get your attention, then EVs are road tax exempt and if like us, you’re London based, then you will not have to pay the London Congestion Charge, which if you drive into the City regularly could save you up to £2,400 a year. Parking in London can also be quite pricey, but EV owners receive free charging and parking at Source London Charging points. 

On a more personal note, EVs have excellent acceleration and are brilliant to drive in London traffic and as they have fewer components than conventional vehicles will save you quite considerably on servicing and maintenance. 

Although EVs have a higher initial cost compared to petrol or diesel vehicles, Government subsidies are available and the long-term savings are quite considerable. For more information about pure EVs, we suggest you take a look at the Energy Saving Trust website, which has information and videos that will hopefully answer any questions you might have, should you be considering joining the EVolution. 

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