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Solar PV Maintenance

We recently told you about a project we were involved with at Homerton Grove Adventure Playground in Hackney, to find out why the solar panels they had installed 20 years ago had stopped working and see if we could fix the problem.

With the help of some interns from Hackney Energy's first community energy co-op at the nearby Banister House Estate, we managed to solve the problem and get their solar working again.

Our combined efforts have been written about by the Hackney Citizen in a great article that highlights the importance of a solar future, accompanied by a quote from Green Party MEP for London Jean Lambert who came along for the launch of the new solar system. It also talks about how one of the interns has been inspired by learning about solar energy to use it to benefit communities in countries that are unable to rely on their own energy providers for electricity. 

It's wonderful to see a small solar project in Hackney having such a positive effect.

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On Saturday 20th September, between 12pm – 2pm, as part of Community Energy Fortnight, Hackney Energy will be hosting an event at Homerton Grove Adventure Playground to celebrate the recent re-commission of the solar pv system

Community Energy Fortnight is taking place between 13th – 28th September, offering people the chance to explore and celebrate how communities across the UK are generating, owning and saving energy. One of the main aims of Community Energy Fortnight is to engage and inspire people about the benefits of community energy and encourage groups to set up their own projects.

Please come along on Saturday 20th September and bring your kids to see the new panels, learn about solar and the plans that Hackney Energy have for the borough, and if you like, why not let us know your own thoughts on renewables in the area.  

We look forward to seeing you there. 

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Last week Athena Electrical volunteered with Hackney Energy and some of the interns from neighbouring Banister House Solar Co-op, to find out why London’s first grid-connected solar pv tile system stopped working 2 years ago. 

Designed and installed by Wind & Sun in 1995 at the Homerton Grove Adventure Playground in Hackney, the 1.94kWp Solar PV system was expected to generate approximately 1500kWh annually. We wanted to see if we could bring back Solar Power to the playground and it seemed only right that some of the interns we had with us, had used the playground themselves when they were young. 

Early tests showed that the solar panels were still producing well, but after more than 15 years in service and clocking up more than 32000kWh, the inverter had given up.   

After some adaptations to the wiring and the installation of a new inverter provided at subsidized cost by Wind & Sun, rain stopped just as the team finished testing the solar array. At 5 o’clock the sun came out and we switched on the system returning Solar Power to Homerton Grove. 

Bridget Handscomb of Hackney Play Association said she was delighted with the results of everyone’s hard work and looks forward to raising awareness and developing understanding of energy matters. 

Hackney Energy is a group of enthusiastic Hackney residents working to set up renewable energy and low carbon projects that benefit the Hackney Community. If you have a solar project in mind and would like some support, the group would love to hear form you contact hello@hackneyenergy.org.uk.


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